Celebrity Weddings

Jerry Greenfield & Ben Cohen


“While we often look to celebrities and their multi-million dollar weddings either from pure curiosity or to find inspiration for our own bashes, the truth is…it literally takes a village to plan and execute a celebrity wedding. And nobody works harder than the planner who needs to coordinate the event, negotiate contracts with vendors, and make sure everything goes smoothly the day of (no crashers, no cell phones, no paparazzi, of course).” InStyle.com/weddings, 2017

Jewell Event Design has helped launch many high-profile couples into their new lives together, with clients like Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, the Seattle Seahawks, the Toronto Bluejays, Little Caesars Pizza, the Seattle Seahawks, Hollywood celebrities and more. Leanne is competent, creative and discreet, making anyone and everyone’s wedding day the most special day they’ll ever have.


Leanne is THE best and now a good friend of ours! We had a lot of fun with her throughout the process of planning the wedding and when it came time to execute, she played a huge role in everything going super smoothly! If you're looking for a wedding planner that's both amazing at their job but also a wonderful person, Leanne is it!


I’d say having Leanne is the best decision I’ve made for my whole wedding planning process. I highly recommend Leanne! First, she listens to your needs and incorporates them into your wedding so you feel the wedding is so personalized! Most of my guests don’t speak English so Leanne thought of a lot of tweaks to let my guests enjoy the wedding as we did. Second, she has rich connections with vendors and experience to give you a worry-free wedding. All the vendors she recommended were so great to work with. Everything ran smoothly with Leanne’s coordination. My husband and I just followed whatever instructions Leanne gave us on the wedding day and enjoyed the moments with our guests without worrying a thing. Last, Leanne definitely went above and beyond. She always offered her support proactively either to communicate with vendors or provide alternatives to complete the picture. There were so many times Leanne jumped in and said “I’ll handle that for you” when I felt overwhelmed. I just can’t thank Leanne enough!! - Ruyi

Choosing to hire Leanne as our wedding planner was the best decision we ever made for our wedding! As a foreigner who's not familiar with Western culture, it was really painful for us to choose between so many vendors and packages. Leanne helped us figure out what were the most important things to us and meanwhile kept everything within our budgets. All the vendors she recommended were just awesome and easy to work with. If you just want to make one decision, decide to hire Leanne! - Hsin-Cheng Chao


My husband and I feel so fortunate to have worked with Jewell Event Design to plan our April 2018 wedding. I’ve planned a number of events professionally, which cemented my decision to hire a planner when it came time to plan my wedding. Working with Leanne meant that we were able to focus on the momentous act of getting married instead of worrying about the little details. Leanne also kept us on track throughout the planning process, which let me enjoy this experience with my husband-to-be instead of nagging him about wedding planning tasks.

When you meet Leanne, it is obvious that you are working with an experienced professional. Only someone truly confident in their abilities to pull of a flawless event would listen to someone describe their dream wedding theme as “floral overload, chaotic and clashing, loud, vibrant, and wild” and say “No worries! I’ve got this!” Our parents (who each contributed financially to the wedding) were so impressed upon meeting Leanne that they trusted us to do the planning without their input. Leanne is like a god amongst wedding vendors - other vendors universally respected her and were eager to please her, meaning we got excellent service.

Beyond embracing our theme, Leanne had a strong understanding of our values and worked diligently to ensure our wedding was a reflection of these values. With nearly 75% of our guests coming from out of town, guest comfort was a top priority. Leanne helped us rework our budget to allocate more to the guest experience and pushed our venue to make guest-friendly tweaks, i.e. adding labeling to food stations to accommodate guests with dietary restrictions. We’ve received so many compliments on our wedding and are thrilled that it was a meaningful and fun celebration for all.

Leanne has a tremendous wealth of knowledge surrounding events and I always appreciated her sound judgement and honesty. She was committed to transforming our vision into reality, but knew when to nudge us in a different direction. For instance, we had our hearts set on a rooftop ceremony for 200 guests, but our venue couldn’t accommodate more than 150 chairs in that space. Leanne wisely suggested that limited seated was more likely to seem intentional if we reduced the number of seats even further, a recommendation I’m glad we accepted. She also saved me from taking on too many DIY projects and planning too many pre-wedding activities for guests.

Finally, we are grateful for how beautifully Leanne coordinated all our vendors on the day of the wedding. She created a fabulous timeline and briefing document for the venue and vendors that accounted for every little detail. The vendors she recommends are all top-notch and clearly work together well as a team. Between Leanne, her staff person, our two photographers, DJ, and florist, it felt like we actually had six wedding coordinators ensuring that things went smoothly. We can’t thank Leanne enough for her work planning our big day!


From my very first phone conversation with Leanne, I knew she was the DOC for us. She was practical, honest, and funny - a breath of fresh air. I soon learned that she knows EVERYONE in the event and wedding industry in Colorado, and she worked her connections to make our wedding go off without a hitch, while saving us time, money, and worry. Each one of her vendor recommendation was gold. Even though we didn't book a full planning package, Leanne went above and beyond for us, and in the last two months before the wedding she was our rock - always available and quick to reply to texts or emails. She called me more often than I called her - she is just that amazing. Some cool things Leanne pulled off for us: - Sending her assistant to our house to find and get our cake topper, which we forgot to bring the day of the wedding. - Solving a crazy misunderstanding with our musician the day before the wedding, overcoming the language barrier, while keeping us calm and up-to-date on the situation. - Hooking us up with our florist, who did an amazing job for a really affordable price. - Organizing and orchestrating our rehearsal (with our families, not an easy feat). - Hooking me up with honestly the best hairstylist in the world... If I could change one thing about our wedding, I would book Leanne sooner.


When I got confirmation that the Gatlin Brothers would perform at my birthday party....for over 100 guests my wife decided to hire a party planner. We interviewed two and chose Leanne. We did not know what we didn’t know because from the moment we hired her she made us feel comfortable we had made the right choice. She outlined all the decisions that needed to be made...and made sure we made them. She knew the best of the best vendors for what we needed...and though we had choices, invariably we went with her recommendations. She worked directly with the Gatlin’s to coordinate their requirements for their musical needs...and they loved her. Our event was a great success in good part because it was so well planned by Leanne. We would recommend her for any party...particularly when it requires special needs....she is the BEST. - Bill
Leanne is very professional, extremely creative, knows all the best vendors and is fun to work with. We will definitely use her in the future.-Jane


Leanne was fabulous. She has a number of people in various areas that she has great relationships with and recommended for us to use and they were all perfect. I could not be happier with her services. She and everyone we worked with were professional and very courteous. I highly recommend her and would use her services again.


I wish I connected with Leanne as soon as I got engaged! Everyone told me, weddings are stressful and I was determined for ours to be about our love and as stress free as we could make it. She took care of countless details and gave spot on guidance so we could enjoy the process and big day. Her support allowed my husband and I to focus on the vows we were about to make to one another. We knew our celebration and guests would be taken care of and they were. I learned a lot about wedding planning and the wedding industry from Leanne. The title Event Planner and Designer doesn’t quite give her justice. Leanne is part therapist, consultant, confidant, fitness coach (she worked out with me!), and she became a trusted friend. Many of our wedding guests and bridal party told us it was the most romantic and smoothest running wedding they have ever been to. I can’t tell you how happy that makes us. Most guests traveled ~2K miles to Estes Park to join us. We really wanted to show them a great time. Leanne is also a comedian- her one-liners are the best! She brought so many smiles to my face. She also helped us with our budget. Her vendor recommendations were absolutely stellar and saved me countless hours. She truly went above and beyond on what our agreement was. She showed up to help out with things that she didn’t need to. And we really needed it. I can’t express my gratitude enough and know this review does not give her justice. If you are getting married and have the opportunity to work with Leanne, DO it. Don’t wait. She is worth every penny. Enjoy the process. She makes it fun. I can’t imagine getting married without her!


I am so happy that we hired Jewell Event Design for our Los Angeles wedding! Leanne is amazing and there just aren’t enough words for everything that she did for us. She had a MOUNTAIN of tasks and details to handle for multiple events and locations and she pulled it all together seamlessly (BY HERSELF!) We had a *very* small budget for things like decor, flowers and centerpieces, and Leanne created some GORGEOUS centerpieces, arrangements for the ceremony, boutonnieres and my bouquet! She really helped make our wedding classy and elegant! We had a Persian ceremony and an American wedding & reception and everything was so beautiful! And then there’s Leanne… she is just amazing and so fun to work with! Her sense of humor and relaxed but professional attitude always put me at ease, even though I knew she was working her tail off;-). Her experience and expertise were worth every penny! She thought of things that we didn’t and really kept us on track. She was also really great with all of our vendors and guests. People kept coming up to us all weekend and telling us how wonderful she was! Thank you so much Leanne for being a part of our special days! You truly are the best!


Leanne is the absolute BEST to work with. She was able to give recommendations about anything I had questions about. She thinks of everything and really helped me get things done in a timely manner. Leanne made my wedding day stress free. I tend to lack attention to detail and Leanne was able to help me remember those little details. Words cannot express my gratitude for Leanne. My wedding was beautiful and exactly what I wanted. When I first met with Leanne, I didn't have a clear picture of what exactly I wanted. Leanne was able to help me with every little thing until we ended up with a wedding of my dreams. Leanne was so pleasant to work with throughout the planning process as well. I would highly recommend her services to everyone! I was so incredibly lucky to have had Leanne's help. Her calm demeanor and sense of humor made us feel as though she had everything 100% under control. She also was able to make some really great recommendations for other vendors for us. She recommended a photographer who took THE BEST photos. I am having a really difficult time choosing which ones to get printed as they are all so wonderful. Having worked with Leanne, I know she is the best in the industry. I couldn't have done it by myself and I am so glad we hired her. I am grateful to her for the spectacular work she did to give us a fairytale wedding.


I had been engaged for over a year and everyone kept asking "when are you going to get married" I had NO idea where to begin nor did I have the time or energy to plan a wedding. I was referred to Leanne and within ONE month of working with her, we have a venue, a date, budget, vision, bridal party picked and a timeline to get everything done for my dream wedding. Any time I start to stress or worry about something, Leanne quickly puts me at ease and always comes up with ideas and solutions. I want an "outside the box" wedding and Leanne has been my biggest cheerleader and support for getting this wedding accomplished in an elegant/fun way. Her connections in the Denver/Boulder community are UNREAL which can be very helpful when choosing vendors and getting good deals! If you are on the fence on to get a wedding planner-DO IT and go with Leanne at Jewell Event Design, I promise you won't regret it! She makes it fun, she's professional and always responsive no matter the time or day you decide to bug her :)


Our January wedding was a smashing success—we can say without any reservation that the outcome is directly attributable to the effort, expertise and wisdom of Leanne. As a wedding planner, Leanne has a wealth of experience upon which to draw. And a portfolio of community resources to address any need. We couldn’t have done it without her. Our event was beautiful, joyful and one of the most memorable days of our lives. Need a venue to fit your budget? Leanne will suggest three or four. Need a photographer? Leanne will identify several. Need a caterer? Leanne will help you select the most appropriate vendors for your event. Need a DJ? Need flowers? Need hotel rooms for out of state guests? Need dance lessons for that first dance? In all cases, Leanne will handle it. Her planning and execution skills will help you create a vision and bring it to fruition. All within your budget and timeframe. The best part of partnering with Leanne is that she’s great fun. Lively, energetic and bubbling with enthusiasm, she’s a whirlwind about getting things done on time. Even though our wedding involved only 25 guests, we got the VIP treatment. And even though we only had five months to plan, Leanne was awesome about keeping all the plates spinning and ensuring that our event went off perfectly, without any hiccups.


I would highly recommend Jewell Event Design to assist in your wedding planning. There is so much to do that you don't even think of to have a beautiful and successful wedding. The planner is there to make sure everything gets done and just flows accordingly. She has great ideas if you need help but does not push her ideas on you. She has all the contact people you need from where to go to find the perfect dress to finding a great cake maker to all the other necessary people to make your day perfect! She will keep you on track. A wedding can be a stressful time and having Jewell Event Design there to help from the beginning to end is the only way to go. She is very reasonable in price and is worth every penny, more than she charges. She gets more than a 5 star rating from me.


I just had the wedding of my dreams and I know that would not have been possible without Leanne and Jewell Event Design! I started working with Jewell Event Design about a year before my wedding. Leanne, was with me every step of the way during the planning process. She always made me feel good about the decisions I made and brought her own ideas to the table when I needed help. She was never pushy, always fun to be around, always patient with me, and kept me calm and well organized the day of the wedding. My experience with Jewell Event Design was nothing short of wonderful, and I would do it all over again with them!


I've known Leanne for many years and witnessed her work her magic during so many events. However, I was unaware of how truly amazing she is until I hired her for my own wedding. My husband and I can not say enough wonderful things about this woman and her services. From the very first day of planning, her suggestions, humor and advice were all perfect and she made us feel so at ease with the whole process. As a self proclaimed neurotic woman, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to give up control and enjoy our wedding day, but Leanne was on top of everything, making sure every detail was perfect and I was able to enjoy our day with out one single worry or hesitation. Literally every single detail was taken care of, even the ones I forgot about! She even stepped in and created all of my flowers and centerpieces when I told her that I wasn't sure what my vision was for the decorations. I would recommend her to anyone planning an event, especially a wedding. She was always there when I needed her, for any reason, and because of this I got to enjoy 100% of my wedding with 0% stress.


Wow...from the get go it was smooth with Leanne taking care of all the details. If something went wrong I was not aware as Leanne took care of everything quickly and quietly. Such a professional. Leanne ' s sense of humor was magical the day of the wedding. We were at ease and so impressed.


My advice for anyone shopping around for their wedding planner....STOP LOOKING NOW! Leanne is outstanding and is on top of every detail...even those that you weren't thinking of. Our day could not have gone smoother or been more amazing. Leanne was absolutely amazing... She took our vision and made it happen. I don't know many planners who can pull off a Gatsby Wedding with such pizzazz. She took us right back to the 1920's. The event was flawless. Our wedding day will forever be remembered as the best day of our lives!


There are not enough kind words to say about Leanne, she created the best day we could have ever imagined! My only regret was not hiring her sooner. Between me always thinking I can handle everything on my own and our venue including a coordinator - I thought we did not need a wedding planner. I knew exactly what I wanted and, as a designer myself, I thought I would be more than fine on my own with the people provided at our venue. Well, we could not have been more mistaken because Leanne was the BEST decision of the whole process! Her attention to detail, expert knowledge of the industry, connections to vendors, and all around amazing energy seriously made our wedding what is was - perfect. There were many details that were overlooked by the coordinator provided by the venue that Leanne caught and made happen. If it weren’t for her, there would have been several disastrous situations - she saved our day and made it flawless. My number one advice to anybody getting married is to use a wedding planner, even if your venue includes one. Leanne saved us so much stress throughout the planning process and on the day of our wedding. Because of her, we were able to relax and be fully present on our wedding day - free of any of the chaos that comes with having a wedding (keeping us on schedule, coordination of vendors, setting things up the day-of, getting the band ready, making sure we eat… the list goes on and on and on). We couldn’t have asked for a better day! We got so many comments from guests that ours was the best wedding they had ever been to, and we know that much of that was because of all the behind-the-scenes work Leanne did. She is truly AMAZING at what she does and we could not be more thankful!!!!!


“What a success!! Having decided early into our planning that my husband and I would not be selecting a venue that provided planning assistance, Leanne was a true asset to us. From sitting down and helping us identify a way to incorporate all of our “non-negotiable’s” into our wedding budget at the very beginning, to introducing us to our vendors and down to her precise day-of ceremony coordination, everything that Leanne touched truly helped make our day special. I would highly recommend her services to any and all couples looking to have an involved wedding/event planner that is there to support your dreams and make them realities. She is a gem ;)”


“What an amazing experience! A friend referred us to Leanne at Jewell Event Design and hiring her was the best decision we made around our wedding. First of all, she was down to earth and super fun and made everything very easy. She has a wonderful and fun personality, which put us at ease. She was professional and went above and beyond to handle everything we needed. She actually ended up saving us money due to the vendor connections that she had, and she found several “errors” in some of our vendor contracts, or things that we actually didn’t need that they were trying to charge us for. The amount of money that she saved us more than paid for her services and we were so grateful to have someone looking out for us. Every detail from beginning to end was perfect. She handled our wedding day, and several last minute changes made by us like it was a breeze and our day was absolutely beautiful. She made it all stress free and perfect! We want to do it again now:-)”


“As well as being totally sweet, friendly and lovely, Leanne is the consummate events professional with years of experience in the field. Not only does she have all the answers to questions you haven’t even thought of yet, but she also has the taste and style to make the perfect event that’s tailored just for you. I have attended several of her events and they were amazing successes. She even kept the vendors happy which is a critical detail that most people never even realize.”


“Leanne was an amazing event planner! She truly made my wedding planning experience one of the best times of my life! We looked at quite a few event planners for our big day! We picked the one we did partially because we were so impressed with Leanne! She made the wedding day experience so special. Everything ran smoothly. She did so much behind the scenes to make sure it was my perfect day. I am honored to say she was my event planner and friend! I hope many of you are able to have the experience that we had by choosing Leanne to help you plan your special day.”


“Leanne is very detail oriented and very friendly and easy to work with. She helped our organization tremendously. I worked with her many times over a number of years. She is great!”


“Once I found Jewell Event Design, I knew with out a doubt that I would hire Leanne to help me plan the biggest day of my life! Leanne has been so amazing through this whole process so far, and has left me feeling stress free (as much as possible anyway) and excited for our big day. I know that with her there, I will be able to breathe and enjoy my day with out having to worry about a single detail. She has been wonderful with communication and details and done a great job putting my mind at ease, I highly recommend her and her company to any who is getting married.”


“Leanne, our wedding planner, was truly fabulous!! She was absolutely all over it during the planning process and on our wedding day! I found out after the fact that there were a couple of issues that she totally fixed with ease, clearly, I didn’t even notice, that is how great she was! Leanne also stayed all the way until the end of the event which quite a few coordinators do not do. We were so happy with our choice to hire her and would highly recommend her to anyone planning a wedding. She made our experience painless and fun with her fun, positive attitude and attention to detail. She’s the best!”


“Wow! What a great day we had! 
We didn’t have a huge budget and a wedding planner was low on our list but it should have been at the top. We decided to meet with Leanne and chat about what having a wedding planner would mean for us. After speaking with her we were sold. Couldn’t be happier we did. There are so many details that go into a wedding that you wouldn’t even know to ask if we didn’t have someone who was a expert. So many things were taken care of and issues resolved and we didn’t even know happened! It all went so smoothly and most importantly we were able to enjoy our day. It goes by so fast and it boils down to a few hours and we are so glad we were able to be in the moment and not having to worry about the details. Thanks Leanne! You rock!”


“I booked my wedding a month prior to the event and everything came out beautiful. Leanne was wonderful! She was very down to earth and flexible. She made me feel like anything we needed was possible and not a problem. I really appreciated her help. It was truly a night to remember.”


“I am a corporate event planner, and had met Leanne at an industry event. I was recently engaged and knew that I needed to hire a planner, because it’s the smart thing to do. Her personality was so great and fun that we had to use her! Her vendor connections were amazing and she did all of the work while we enjoyed the planning! I am hard to impress, but Leanne is impressive. She was so calm and collected on our wedding day and kept everything running smoothly. Leanne was especially helpful both the night before (we had some family issues and some last minute details to handle) and the day of the wedding with last minute details and getting everything put together. Thanks Leanne! You’re the best!”


“We booked our wedding two weeks prior to our event and everything went so smoothly. My wedding was perfect. Leanne was amazing and everyone was so nice and willing to do what ever we wanted. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect night!!”


“Leanne our coordinator was on top of everything and helped us throughout the night to make sure everything was going as planned.”


“Leanne was especially helpful and patient. The day of the wedding went without a hitch. The tables, chairs and decorations were set up exactly how we’d planned.”


“Leanne, our day-of coordinator was on point and helped smooth out some of the issues during set-up. I am very thankful for Leanne and know she worked her butt off to make sure our day was perfect. She also stayed all the way until the end of the event which is rather rare.”


“Leanne was our wedding planner and everything came together beautifully.”


“I worked with Leanne and she was wonderful. Everything went well the day of the wedding, the site was beautiful, and the staff was organized and professional.”


“Don’t underestimate how important it is for the flow of your wedding to have somebody who is not on your guest list behind the scenes making sure everything is on schedule and everybody is where they need to be.”

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