Michelle & Nima

January 1, 2018

Los Angeles, California

I mustache you a question! When your clients play “rock, paper, scissors,” during their wedding ceremony, you know you’re in for a real treat! I cannot begin to say how much fun I had being the wedding planner for Michelle & Nima’s La La Land wedding! These two comedians knew how to balance a beautiful wedding with fun, friends and family. From ALL of the guests donning fake mustaches for the ceremony and reception, to their grand entrance when they danced in dressed in costume as an elderly couple and treated us to a special dance, their wedding was a fun night for everyone!

Michelle wore a vintage wedding dress that she had made from two dresses, with hints of beautiful turquoise blue in the skirting, as well as her shoes. For Michelle’s bridal bouquet, I created a custom bouquet that had deep meaning for her.  Her vision was so special. Michelle wanted a bright and happy bouquet that incorporated some trinkets that belonged to her parents, who are no longer with us. I incorporated a couple of her father’s tie pins, a cufflink, and a photo of her parents into the handle of her bouquet. She also wanted her father’s tie to be incorporated and that was a little trickier, but I think it turned out beautifully on the base of the handle. She loved it and it was so special.

Being a comedian as well, Michelle and Nima let me join right in on the fun with a few off-the-wall photos. They were in such a beautiful location with a lot of fun photo opportunities! The persian food served throughout the evening was AMAZING and over the top with courses. The decor was beautiful, the dancing was fun and the party went on late into the night! I enjoyed this wedding so much!

Congratulations Michelle & Nima! I wish you many lifetimes of happiness, joy and fun together! Keep making each other laugh.


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